The Namib Desert

Namibia located in southern Africa is the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa. It is also one of the least populated countries in the world because of the large Namib Desert. The Namib desert is the world’s oldest desert and is completely devoid of surface water. It is known for its large sand dunes which are […]

The Deneb – Sadr Region constellation Cygnus (Swan)

DESCRIPTION: Well known and very often photograph part of Milky Way. The Deneb (Alpha Cygni) is the brightest star and Sadr (Gamma Gygni) is the third brightest star of the constellation Cygnus (Swan or Northern Cross). You can see them to the left down and right up of the center on my picture. This area […]

NGC 6992 Veil Nebula Cygnus (Swan)

DESCRIPTION: My second attempt at photo of Veil Nebula in constellation of Cygnus by 500 mm Nikkor lens, only 55 min acquisition. OBJECT: NGC 6992, Veil Nebula, Constellation Cygnus (Swan), apparent magnitude 7, apparent diameter approx. 3 degrees, FOV 4 x 2,7 arcdeg. More info GEAR: Nikon Z7 Kolari Full Spectrum + Nikkor 500/5,6 […]

Nordic landscapes and northern lights – 1

In 2019, I planned to photograph aurora borealis in all parts of the spectrum. I had two chances to photograph aurorae, the first one came while attending a scientific conference in Reykjavik. Every evening, me and a friend would go on a road trip and hope for the best. First stop: the famous waterfall of […]

Nordic landscapes and northern lights – 3

The sun set over the volcano of Snæfellsjökull – my Islandic friend seemed to have no issues in pronouncing that but I did – and a smaller mountain peak in front of it, while the glacier water created a small stream. To me, it is fascinating that infrared sunsets turn blue after being processed, since […]

Nordic landscapes and northern lights – 4

With that full view of Snæfellsjökull, my one-week trip to Iceland came to a (slightly) disappointing end – not for lack of trying, but we didn’t manage to see any aurorae borealis. Friends of mine who staid for another week got quite lucky but that is how it goes. Bonus in this photo: a paraglider […]

Nordic landscapes and northern lights – 5

A few weeks later, I returned to Scandinavia for a 10-day trip across the Norwegian coast. We travelled with the Hurtigruten postal ships, which made up their lack of luxurious cabins with amazing landscapes. On the first morning, we left the harbor and were seen off with a nice little rainbow.

Nordic landscapes and northern lights – 6

Before going out into the open sea, we made a small stop and went for a hike. Our ship, the MS Kong Harald, can be seen on the water. The landscape of Norway is truly astounding and worth a visit – but we were still waiting for the northern lights. Finally, we got lucky in […]

Nordic landscapes and northern lights – 8

I never dared to hope that northern lights would be that active in the infrared – and that beautiful. Taking photos in the surprisingly rough sea of the Atlantic was a special kind of challenge in of itself, but I came prepared. Every image is a composite of 8-16 0.3s frames, which were then aligned […]

Nordic landscapes and northern lights – 8

Full spectrum illustrates nicely how visible and infrared aurorae correlate to each other. It seems that infrared emissions lie slighly below the green ones, and are probably in the same region as the visible red emissions. Due to the infrared leak of the blue channel, this results in a white northern light in full spectrum. […]