Sea Spray Mossy Movements

6.19.22 Algae Rocks in Surf with Water Motion 9853 16 9 22.192 x 12.483 (1)smaller 2ec6b8d6 f82f 4d15 9df0 ed5882695577

Mossy rocks pelted by waves showing the movement of the spray and waves by slightly slowing the shutter speed to 1/6s.

The Witch of Wands

WitchOfWands.JPG 61519cde 09af 420a 850e 936118579eaa

Tarot card inspired sequence shot in IR chrome, Scottish Highlands 2021

Burn the Witch

DSC 0359 (file 6056x4032).JPG 560417f6 2110 476c 8b8d fba0c7f51487

Tarot card inspired sequence shot in IR chrome, Scottish Highlands 2020

English Countryside

English Countryside IR fb9dbd54 89ed 4633 a39a a5590d275680

This scene outside Dunstanburgh in England caught my eye and I thought it would be a great super color infrared image.

Mesquite Dunes

Mesquite & Dunes IR a5c236ce 3f13 4ffc b620 86fa7411066e

I carried my IR-converted Nikon Z6 with me out to the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park, CA. I was not sure it would be effective since the sky was so clear. But I saw the mesquite bushes which are silver-green. I did not think they would show by very well but […]

Crater Lake Clear

Crater Lake Clear IR 884779ae 3b07 4220 b4ab 3489e49351df

Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. It is amazing in visible color but even better in infrared.

Boardwalk to the Tower

Boardwalk to the Tower IR 91394b53 1105 47fb bd7e 82c732155482

As I walked along, I saw the curve of the shadow that reflected the curve of the boardwalk leading the eye right to the tower in the distance.

Long X Boat Ramp

DWI 9963 2412 32ce4080 c99e 45ad b4f7 0c9b2fade2ec

Colorful long exposure capture of a dock and ramp in Maryland.

Pink Arches

DWI 9569 2378 8bf1ea0f 206b 41ae b593 a26150d72506

Cumberland Mountain State Park in Tennessee.

Oak Swing

UP6 4522 2009 8422547b 43fc 455c 8bc5 14384ade12ba

A swing hanging from a group of Oak Trees in Indian Lake SP in Florida.

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