Infrared Surreal Sentinel

This lighthouse on the Gulf of Mexico was damaged during Hurricane Katrina 17 years ago. I took the image with long exposure techniques (2 minutes with a 10-Stop ND filter) to obtain the silky smooth mysterious sea and slight streaking in the almost cloudless sky. White balance was corrected and then creative pursuit led to […]

Infrared Mystery Ranch

An infrared image taken of a leading line fence on a ranch with no color channel swap and selective desaturation to give the ranch a winter time feel with the added visual mystery of an apocalyptic sky.

Rocks and Flowers UVIF

Sempervivum and Rhodanthamum flowers showing Ultra Violet Induced Fluorescence. 4 second exposure under three UV arms using Nikon D750 with vintage Carl Zeiss 50mm lens. The colours have been inverted.

IR Mystery Lake 6522

Mystery Lake along the U.S. Gulf Coast in a Maritime Forrest. Black and white added mystery and intrigue.


My friend and I were wandering around rural side of Hatay, the southernmost province of Turkey, when we walked upon an empty land across a single factory with smoke coming out of its chimney. Everything around it were so silent that I immediately wanted to take a picture of it to depict the loneliness it […]