Morning Breeze

Shot during an early morning stroll, the image presents the view off mainland Greece, overlooking the mountains of the island of Evia. The sun had just started rising, with the light hitting the scene at a very steep angle, reflecting the beginning of a chilly day. Other than channel swapping and a slight hue correction, […]

Stardust Child

Newly born Chris, posses for me with wild staring eyes, in full charm and grace, holding on to his favorite blanket. The image has been cropped, desaturated and rotated to a pleasing angle, while the section around the child’s head has been “clone stamped”, producing an evenly textured background. The image was then converted back […]

Sunday Glide

I found myself near the beach on a Sunday late afternoon and took this with my converted IR camera as a flock of para-gliders soared over the beautiful southern California coast.

eyes speak louder than words

We can’t imagine our life without communication. We talk live, on the phone or on social networks. Let’s remember how people used to live without phones and the Internet. They communicated only in live. And there is nothing better than live communication because you see emotions, hear the voice and how they change depending on […]


Glowing eyes of lambs on the road at night


Play of cloud over a valley on the hills

Wild smile

She is Mariam. She lives in small village in the north of Armenia. But she has dreams . She has passion to change this world and make it better place for everyone . She always laughs even when someone in her place would cry. She works day and nights to make money and get education. […]


Irish clouds at Omey Island