Cozy Street

A nice Cozy street pic with beautiful red foliage provided by the IR Chrome filter.

Plant AAFF

A black and white picture of leaves illuminated at night with an infrared flashlight.

Wood Chipper

An IR Chrome landscape featuring yellow foliage, a pretty sky, and a woodchipper.


A landscape featuring a beautiful sky tinted very orange with the foreground silhouetted in orange.

The Majesty Above

A landscape featuring lots of interesting foreground elements ranging from trees, buildings, and a truck. As well as beautiful clouds above.

Euromaidan (Photo-Essay part1)

Euromaidan or *The Revolution of Dignity* – mass protests of civil protest in Ukraine from November 21, 2013 to February 21, 2014 for European integration and against the Yanukovich regime Protester on the Maidan Infrared