Out of the Garden

This reminded me of the story of Adam and Eve after they got kicked out of the Garden…The world probably felt colorless after that.. full spectrum, 680nm processed to monochrome

Fog Edge Infrared

Fog moves in over the water by Baranof Island in SE Alaska. Full spectrum w/680nm filter.

Waiting for a Train

Train tracks snake through the lonely Scottish Highlands. Photographed with a full spectrum camera with 680 NM external filter.

The last end

In the war, life has a different meaning, everything about the normality will just disappear. The daily routine is definitely abnormal, even if it seems normal for people who live there. Every day, bombs fall, people die, buildings will be destroyed. The reality of the war cannot be denied, however, there are people who are […]

Beaver Creek Majesty

Majestic Trees of the Wet Beaver Creek Wilderness Area, Coconino National Forest Arizona.