Color infrared film Kodak Aerochrome and orange filter. Camera Bronica SQ-Ai, 120 format. Location- Novosibirsk, Russia

Copper Bay

NIR aerial photograph of Harrison Lake, British Columbia, Canada Taken with converted DJI Inspire 1 (No DJI option available in submission choices, not taken with a Sigma camera)


Wide spectrum photograph of an old hog house in Flathead Valley, Montana, USA Taken with homemade scanning back large format (not Sigma DP1) UV>blue, Yellow>green, NIR> Red


NIR photograph of a tree in Iowa, USA Shot with Sigma SD14, not DP1

McDonald Cabin

NIR and visible light photograph of Apgar and Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, USA Blue>blue, Yellow>green, NIR>red Taken with 8×10 homemade scanning back digital (not Sigma DP1)


Wide spectrum photograph of a homestead in Flathead Valley, Montana, USA UV>blue, Green>green, NIR>red Taken with homemade 8×10 scanning back digital, not Sigma DP1

SWIR portrait

SWIR portrait (1500-1600nm) taken with TriWave InGaAs SWIR camera (not Sigma DP1)