Lake Bird

Taken on a Sunday afternoon at the LSU lakes right before sunset. I took over 40 photos until I noticed this bid across the lake. He waited patently for me to get to him in order to capture this shot.

Foothill Moon

The moon was rising and the day was ending on our honeymoon in Santa Barbara. We were lost and we stopped to look at the navigation and that is when I saw the moon rising over the foothills so I captured this shot.

Gods Rays

This photo was taken while driving on interstate 10 from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. The rain finally stoped and out came this beautiful cloud with rays of God streaming from the cloud. I had to stop and take the shot because these shots are few and far between.


Downtown one afternoon sitting at a stoplight.

Lost in Time

Have many shots of this truck in color, beautiful but wasn’t telling me a story. B&W infrared for me tells the story of this old truck.