The Delaware River Looking North Toward The Delaware Water Gap

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This picture was taken from the Pedestrian Bridge over the Delaware River at Columbia, NJ. Just beyond the light-colored foliage in the distant center, is the “hulking” Viaduct near the Delaware Water Gap that was part of the Lackawanna Cutoff a portion of the train system in NJ & PA. It was built between 1908-1911 […]

White Township NJ Cemetery

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It was a warm day with some light wind. I live in White Township and this cemetery is less than a mile away. So I decided to go and take some pictures. This picture was taken at ISO 200, 23 mm, f/8, 30 S.

Hainesburg NJ Cemetery

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This is an old cemetery in northern NJ. Many of the stones are broken; many are illegible. It is well maintained. The grass is cut regularly. It was a nice day; not too windy. Lens EFS 18-55mm, ISO 200, 23mm f/8 30s.

Bridge of Old

Bridge 3Mono

This is a B&W photo of a bridge in the California Delta.

Ancient Pine Monster

Samuels BristleConePineTreeMonster

The oldest living organisms in the world are the ancient Bristlecone Pine Trees in the White Mountains of California on the border with Nevada in the high Sierra Nevada range. At over 12,000 feet, the trees are exposed to such intense environmental conditions that despite their hundreds and even thousands or years of growth, they […]

Dam Pipes

Samuels DamPipes

In an unnamed location, there’s a dam that holds back a large reservoir. Below that reservoir is a plant that controls the water at that reservoir and outside of the plant is a bunch of Dam Pipes that are used to move water below the dam into an aqueduct. These pipes are kind of scattered […]

Desert Tree

Samuels Desert Tree

In California’s high-desert lies sections of these beautiful and individually-different trees that one could spend a life-time photographing. The uniqueness of each tree is magnificent and each one could make for a unique photograph.

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