el angel

walking my pet… ( one of the few things you could get out of … always with my camera.. early days of confinement…. absolutely no one on the streets.. .I saw the framing … made me think and shoot


this photograph only has channel mixer and Hue/Saturation. The clouds even if they appear overlapping only and have masked and you have practiced tone-adjusted levels. It was held at the Mushroom Market in Seville. ISO 200 Focal 25,77 velocidad 1/200 F 10.0

Ill endure

in a shop window with a vertical garden, I buoyed the reflection on the glass of people who with their mask looked like they were making an almost normal life and I shot thinking that if we saw that if we saw that we still have beautiful things around us we could resist. channel mixer […]

iso 200 f8.0 focal 15mm 1/50