Ten thousand Fireflies

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This is a manual stack of 40 images to capture the various light trails of the fireflies at: 2.5 sec, F/1.8, ISO 1600 taken right after each other and then combined in photoshop. The base image is at 30 secs, f/4.5, ISO 640

A Tree

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It was still in Covid lockdown that Melbourne had, though people were allowed to exercise. Strangely enough, the park in my suburb had nobody jogging or strolling at all. I took a shot of this massive tree with no human beings in the scene.

scape from the soul

Amirul Islam real 01

a boy collecting materials from a wasteland while some brids fly away from him.

before the strom

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before the stom in the sea, a boy coming back to his home while a bird also fly to its own home

4 4

20200826174856 IMG 9689 01 01 copy 4500x3000

4 friends are gossiping while 4 birds are also there. i compose this frame like 4:4

Geneva Dam

Geneva Dam scaled

Dam in Geneva Switzerland campaign. 21 september 2019 Canon eos 80D 590nm from Kolari Vision 1/100 f/10 Iso 200 Canon 18/135mm (60mm)


MG 7559

Aged at 2, his parents abandoned him in the informal settlements of South Africa. He is one of the many orphans living in the rundown orphanage 20km away from the nearest town. Here, he is seen holding his prized possesion – his lunch. With sparkling eyes he gazes in wonder – wondering where his future […]

Touch of Heaven

MG 6989

A one-hundred-eight year old woman shares a touching moment with the young. Her wrinkles on her aged skin represent her experiences as a mother, while the hand on the left is pure, smooth, and yet to learn of the true meaning of life. We visited this old woman to feed her soup, and bless her […]


MG 8103

Inspired from Macklemore’s “Wings”, this photo parallels a similar notion. One could argue that Nike is a brand in which consumes people. Companies like this manipulate western society into purchasing the most the next big trend. The idea of having a symbol of western society hang in a power line in the informal settlements of […]

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