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The devil’s waterfall in IRchrome

Kodak Cow

Kodak Cow PInkLemonade Submission Augustin Cross

Shot on the Isle of Mull where the hills roll and the wildlife is rife. A place where one is truly away from urban life, and where the highland cows run free and wild. I followed a herd to the coast and spent an afternoon snapping them in their content habitat. Having delved in the […]

Photo Essay – Madrid in INFRARED

MADRID essay pdf

Being in Madrid for several days for a retouching masterclass, I wandered the city and tried to capture its atmosphere while following the places where vegetation led me. As digital filters are a real trend on social media, I like to explore a more crafty way of using them going oldschool with real cuts of […]

Photo Essay – Golden Myst

GOLDENMYST essay pdf

“The golden myst” that envelops the morning of Loire Valley biggest city never lasts longer than an hour. Rushing into the quietness of the streets, I had to capture silently the warm coloured fog the deploys its weights on the roofs and towers on every building of the city. Using a full spectrum camera, the […]

Mother Nature

photoessay KOLARI pdf

Humanity has no other choice than to merge with nature in order to survive. This photo essay was thought as a visual poem showing the beauty of raw nature in an twisted representation that echoes our dreams and hopes of a lost heaven. Shot in natural light with a Full Spectrum camera and Tamron 24-70 […]

Norways dream house


Under the rain, driving along Norway’s most scenic road, this little shack on a island revealed itself just after getting out of a tunnel. The light was falling in a very dramatic way so I had no other choice than to stop and capture the beauty of this lonely little construction.

lost bike

MG 8190

After a sunny day in France, we were seeking for shadow and some fresh air. Under some trees I discovered this gorgeous bike against a tree. I wanted to keep it so I took a picture.

Kirlian leaf

MG 0225

A Kirlian process of a leaf contoured by ultraviolet-emiting electrical arcs. The picture is a long exposure of the sparks drawing the leaf’s outline and then a blacklight-lit view of the same leaf.

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