Spirit Of 76

Roadside Gas Station – Skokomish Valley, WA (2019)

Pasó el Tren

Fotografía infrarroja tomada del pasó de un tren.

Pas el Tren

Fotografía infrarroja tomada junto a la vía del ferrocarril


You can find the text inside the PDF.

Dark Hedges

Location called Dark Hedges near Belfast Ireland taken in September 2019.

Three Castle Head

This was taken early morning at Three Castle Head in Ireland in September, 2019.

Sheep Shearing

Image was taken in Li Tang of Gan Ze, Si Chuan Province of China. The scene impressed me as the normal man-to-do sheep shearing task were being accomplished by two Tibetan women. I felt a strong urge to press the camera shutter button so captured the moment and the memory did not fade even many […]