Fall in Oslo

It is the beginning of October in Oslo, Norway and the leaves on the trees are dying and falling off, but at their own pace. Therefore, the IR film reflects many different magenta tones. This photo is taken with Kodak Aerochrome medium format slide film. The camera is Fuji GS645 with an orange number 16 […]

By the traintracks

Fashion model Nargiss A. Oudah on a warm September afternoon in Oslo, Norway. It is very inspiring to see more and more girls with hijab now breaking through internationally on the catwalk scene, she says. One day she hopes to make it big in Norway, but admits that the road to that sometimes feels difficult […]

Masked Me

The photographer fears aging and spends more and more money on anti-aging products. Here with a face mask, in front of her apartment building in Oslo, Norway. This photo is taken with Kodak Aerochrome 35mm slide film, on a Minolta X7a camera with an orange number 16 filter on the lens. . The resulting images […]