Trying for a distinctly other-worldly effect. IR720 original channel-swapped and converted to B&W.

Strawberry Moon Set

I was up pre dawn driving to shoot wildlife. As it began getting lighter out I notice the beautiful colors illuminating the sky to the east of me before sunrise. I immediately pulled over and set up fast to capture a composition with those glowing colors. I dropped my rag i was using to clean […]

River Styx

The day I took River Styx, the lighting was much harsher, yielding strong red hues along the banks of this small stream.

Mythical Memory

When shooting Mythical Memory, I wanted to create something magical and surreal, to send viewers over the horizon. To achieve this, I had my subject wear a unicorn mask and bright robes. To create this dreamscape, I utilized 550nm infrared filter and tweaked the lighting to give off a sweet pink atmosphere.

Shadows Long Past

Shadows Long Past was taken in IR Chrome, mimicking Kodak Aerochrome from the 1940’s, and alludes to the transience of time. It utilizes shadows to impart feelings of longing and sorrow in a woefully different light.

Hollowed Ground

Taken in IR Chrome, this photo depicts the transience of time. Taken on the Evergreen Estate in Baltimore MD.

Eagles Nest Horseshoe Mountain

HDR bracketing of an eagles nest and the background Horseshoe Mountain while waiting for the couple of Bald Eagles to return during the end of winter.