Sans the bird

Human interference has led to the degradation of many bird populations and the more romantic images of birds amidst the recently harvested fields. The stark loss of biodiversity within the agricultural setting is represented harshly by the tree skeleton, standing strong and contemplative. The image was taken with a self converted Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W570; IR-(cut)filter […]


A fisherman standing at the base of a waterfall

Starry Night

A mystical night shot with stars, fog and lots of atmosphere

Autumn Mood

A 550nm picture of a tree that gives an autumn vibe with fire orange foliage and a green sky.

Frozen Time

An urban landscape the freezes a car, and bird passing by in place.

Plant 8368

A black and white 550nm chiaroscuro picture of a plant.

Quilted Sky

A non-traditional landscape featuring only the sky and a single tree, in 550nm. The sky has a very beautiful quilted look.