Fireflies with the startrail

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Fireflies are usually seen active during early monsoon. it is rare to find clear skies during that time. I was looking for such opportunity for many years. This year I was lucky and could get this image. this is a stack of 11 images. Stray light from a passing vehicle lighted the leaves.

121 Gigawatts

Long Exposure 1 of 1 59f3a4be d8d9 4bb6 9f41 52e1da1e1dfb

[A6600] The modified DeLorean used in Back to the Future on show at the National Mall in Washington DC at night; light painted with the electric flashes as it is about to jump through time. Washington Monument in distance, and US Capitol dome in the reflection

Overseas Highway

Landscape IR 2 of 2 91a3b955 553d 4e10 8fed 032097b66a79

Overseas Highway, FL between Miami and Key West – a speed boat rushing besides a power pole in the open water of the straits of Florida.


Landscape IR 1 of 2 c108b344 b6e8 46bd b835 c3c512b72058

Glenstone museum complex in Potomac MD; two reclining chairs below a tree on the patio area. The vivid IR color lends a peaceful but apocalyptic air to the shot.


Black & White 1 of 2 94d2ca44 b2b3 4689 b870 84e5c75afa13

Boston architecture (resubmitted as first attempt did not go through!) – The black and white amplifies the patterns and textures of the architecture in Boston; smooth curves, rough planes, parallel lines, and grids.

Witchs Castle Portland OR

Black & White 2 of 2 adc571a0 961e 4787 906f 757d8edefb62

Young girl exploring the Witch’s Castle in the woods near Portland, OR – a ruined Park Ranger station from the 1930s.


DSC0281 5ac24208 f058 45b2 b2a0 8faee049e3c5

Trying for a distinctly other-worldly effect. IR720 original channel-swapped and converted to B&W.


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calm and peaceful

Chapmans Peak Drive

Aerial 65d6066f 2502 4629 982e 98a737d34aaf

Aerial view of Chapman’s Peak Drive in South Africa – a 9km long stretch of road carved out a steep cliff right above the Atlantic Ocean. A thrilling drive, and a towering engineering marvel.

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