Live River

Old riverbed in the Mari taiga. The old woman feeds on springs and therefore does not freeze even in winter. The water is fresh, hard, bitter in taste, like sea water. In the mineralized water of the oxbow lake, the content of potassium-calcium sulfite-sulfate salts is high, at their bottom there are large areas of […]


Color infrared film Kodak Aerochrome and orange filter. Camera Bronica SQ-Ai, 120 format. Location- Novosibirsk, Russia

RedBlue White

Red,Blue & White truck. It was first shot with IR chrome filter.

Copper Bay

NIR aerial photograph of Harrison Lake, British Columbia, Canada Taken with converted DJI Inspire 1 (No DJI option available in submission choices, not taken with a Sigma camera)


Wide spectrum photograph of an old hog house in Flathead Valley, Montana, USA Taken with homemade scanning back large format (not Sigma DP1) UV>blue, Yellow>green, NIR> Red


NIR photograph of a tree in Iowa, USA Shot with Sigma SD14, not DP1

McDonald Cabin

NIR and visible light photograph of Apgar and Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, USA Blue>blue, Yellow>green, NIR>red Taken with 8×10 homemade scanning back digital (not Sigma DP1)


Wide spectrum photograph of a homestead in Flathead Valley, Montana, USA UV>blue, Green>green, NIR>red Taken with homemade 8×10 scanning back digital, not Sigma DP1