Cygnus loop

The Cygnus loop (Sharpless 103) is a dim emission nebula. The image here was capture with 220 frames of 70 sec with a Kolari full spectrum converted camera. A Visible + H-alpha filter was used.

California Nebula

The emission nebula (NGC1499) known as “California Nebula” glows in Hydrogen-Alpha emitted light. The bright color captured is possible by the use of a Kolari full spectrum converted camera and a Visible + H-alpha filter. A total of 187 frames of 70s combined.

The Namib Desert

Namibia located in southern Africa is the driest country in sub-Saharan Africa. It is also one of the least populated countries in the world because of the large Namib Desert. The Namib desert is the world’s oldest desert and is completely devoid of surface water. It is known for its large sand dunes which are […]

Dark Skies

Shiny black building against a dark sky in Boise.