Seaside Cliffs

Guam is located in the Pacific Ocean. Many know the island for the beautiful beaches but rarely see the unforgiving coral cliffs hidden by the forests.

Self Reflection

Model in rain attire with hood on while laying prone on bench finds joy in finding personal and visual reflection.

Garden Between the City

This area is well known to tourists for the perfect photos, but rarely do they learn of the history of the struggle and demise that occurred on these ground. These trees still stand in the area as witnesses of the past.

Man From the Moon

A man sits in the middle of the forrest to enjoy all that Guam has to offer.

Man From Mars

A man sits on the top of a valley posing for a portrait in Guam.

Hopeful Captive

Model peers through the iron bars holding her back from adventure on the other side.

Big Stretch

Wild dog got curious and approached me in search for food. Decided to give me a big show and stretch as if it was modeling for the camera.

Cotton Candy Tree

Ancient, sacred, and endangered tree in guam. Luckily I messed up the in camera white balance. Providing a calming cotton candy color as the leaves.

Irradiated Foliage

Peering up from the base of a tree into the thick jungle canopy of guam.

House of History

History museum in guam based around chamorro culture and island history.

Island Love

Gazing through a heart shaped statue with a boat full of scuba divers in the center.

Symmetrical Depth

Front gate of the museum in guam with satisfying symmetry in the concrete walkway.