Old Timers

I stumbled across these cars in a field in Nevada on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. They looked like they were part of a film set, so precisely lined up, ready to rumble into life and race off into the distance. There was such a dignity about them and a sadness too.


The long way down in kayak from the British Columbia CAN to the Skagit Valley in WA USA

Derelict Boat from Above in Infrared 01

A derelict boat seen from above at low tide. Mavic 2 Pro, 28mm (equivalent) lens, Kolari Vision 550nm filter. 1/120th sec. at f4.0, ISO 100. Stitched panorama.

Low Tide River Bank in Infrared 01

A river bank exposed at low tide. Mavic 2 Pro full spectrum converted, 28mm (equivalent) lens, 550nm Kolari Vision filter. 1/240th sec. at f4.0, ISO 100. Stitched panorama.

Fall in Color

My Kolari Pocket comes with me whenever I go on my nature walks. This was captured on a nature trail not too far from my office, off of the beaten and worn path. Sometimes exploring pays off.

Benign Bridge

As the sun was setting, I wanted to capture an image with a bridge. Low light, and cold did not help, but here is the result

Mind the Gap

Another one of my favorite spots to take photos. A nice September late afternoon, the sun hit just oh so nicely between this foliage.