Ultra Violet (UV)

Available now, our UV filter allows for photography of the ultraviolet band. Useful for assessing sun damage, document analysis, forensics, plant photography, and many others. Our filter is specially designed for no IR light leak at an affordable price. Shop here

Thin Filter

The Sony A7 system was the first full mirrorless camera outside of the Lieca rangefinders, and its short flange distance made it possible to almost universally adapt to any lens to it. This includs Leica rangefinder lenses, making it the only other camera that could use these high quality light lenses, and at a fraction […]

Full Spectrum and Two Spectrum

The Full Spectrum conversion (clear glass) makes the camera sensitive to UV, visible, and IR light, allowing switching between various external filters to achieve the desired effect, this allows going between infrared and regular shooting with one camera, however on DSLRs opaque infrared filters will block composition. The Two Spectrum conversion (IR + Visible) makes […]


The NDVI Blue IR filter (Blue +IR) Our newest filter transmits both blue and IR, making it ideal for NDVI crop analysis applications, allowing an NDVI to be generated from a single image using the blue and red channels of the image. This filter is also handy for landscape photography, as it produces a similar […]

850nm Infrared

The Deep Black and White filter (850nm) The 850nm infrared conversion is good for a dedicated black and white IR. The camera and will produce bright whites and pronounced darks. With a custom white balance in camera, the picture is close to pure B+W without any processing.  Equivalent to the Wratten 87c. When to get this […]

720nm Infrared

The Standard IR Filter (720nm) This is the tried and true classic infrared conversion. It allows for good color for false color, and good contrast for black and white. This is equivalent to the Hoya R72 and Wratten 89b. When to get this infrared conversion: This IR conversion is good if you are interested in […]

665nm Infrared

The Enhanced Color filter (665nm) has an effect between the 720nm and 590nm, producing more vibrant colors than the 720nm for pale yellow leaves and brighter blue skies.

590nm Infrared

590CWB FC H Small

The Ultra Color filter (590nm) lets more visible light in, producing the most vibrant colors. Leaves are golden yellow, skies are bright blue. B+W contrast is lower than the deeper IR filters. Good for vibrant color IR landscapes and portraits.

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