Automated False Color Action for Photoshop


Installing and Using the False Color Action

Above is a false color automated action for Photoshop that will automatically switch the red and blue channels as well as some basic image enhancement to create the blue sky effect.

Save this action onto your computer, it can be on your documents, the Adobe folder in the programs folder or somewhere else where you won’t delete it. Double click the file and it will open Photoshop. If your computer does not recognize it, right click it and open with Photoshop. After you do this, it has imported into Photoshop.

Inside Photoshop, if actions are not displayed, click on Window and select Actions to display actions.

To perform the action, click the triangle next to the folder in the Actions toolbar namedĀ False Colors from Kolar Vision to expand it. Select the first thing underneath it and hit the play button at the bottom of the actions toolbar. For further adjustments refer to our other tutorials.

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