The Lake

a horse is tied beside the lake


north of Iran

pink mosque in shiraz is a touristy place and very famous because of its light and colored windows .


an afghan immigrant that works in a brick kiln is praying(Shiraz-Iran)


in the pink mosque ,taking photo with chador is interesting for foreigners.

Ill endure

in a shop window with a vertical garden, I buoyed the reflection on the glass of people who with their mask looked like they were making an almost normal life and I shot thinking that if we saw that if we saw that we still have beautiful things around us we could resist. channel mixer […]

Magical Autumn

This photo shows that green and dry leaves captured with 590nm can provide us spectacular images.

The Flower

Image was taken at sunset when visible light become stronger and IR light becomes weaker, full spectrum camera used, with no filters of any kind.