Cameras can take images in many ways, and how they process the photos can vary from model to model.

What is a Mist Filter?

A mist filter lowers the highlights and overall contrast in an image while creating a dream-like, hazy effect.

What is the Iridium Filter?

Inspired by color-enhancing sunglasses designed for color blind people, Kolari made the Iridium filter with similar science in mind.

Independent Kolari Pocket UV Performance Review by Lance Schroeder

GUAM, THE PERFECT UV PHOTO LOCATION by. Lance Schroeder Guam, a U.S. territory located in the western Pacific Ocean, is a tropical island perfect for capturing ultraviolet light. The Solar UV Index varies in the higher ranges, reaching up to values of 12. According to Weather Online, Indices of 9 and 10 are common in […]