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WB and Flash

White Balance and Flash

Setting a white balance is a very usefull practice in infrared photography. Unfortunately, when using a flash, the custom white balance might not be accurate for the flash. Depending on the flash and camera, the photo can change back to a pink hue, even with the white balance set. Below are test shots taken with a ZS6 and Canon A2200, the ZS6 does not hold the white balance while the A2200 does.

Although the flash is not used much in infrared, you should keep this in mind if you plan to use the flash. Tests are based on the 720nm filter, it may be different with the other filters. Generally Lumix cameras will not hold the WB with the flash.

No flash Flash
ZS6 ZS6 infrared white balance ZS6 infrared white balance flash
A2200 Canon A2200 infrared white balance flash Canon A2200 infrared white balance flash

Cameras where white balance works with the flash:

Canon A2200
Canon Elph 300 HS
Canon S90
Canon G12
Nikon 5400
Canon G1X
Fujifilm S4080

Cameras where white balance does not work with the flash:

Lumix TZ5
Lumix ZS6
Lumix ZS8
Lumix FH20
Lumix FH27
Canon G10

If you have another camera and know if the WB works with the flash or not, please let us know in the comments below.

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