Ambassador Program


Kolari values its relationships with its customers more than anything else. We view our customers as collaborators and throughout the years we’ve developed deep relationships, assisting in any way we can. In return, we learn immensely.
We take all their feedback seriously, and this is how we develop our best products. We also hope that our customers recognize our commitment and appreciate when we go above and beyond. We appreciate their genuine praise.
This has led us to want to formalize these relationships and give back to those whom we trust most. Kolari is pleased to present its new ambassador program. We will be inviting our current collaborators and ambassadors to join, and others are welcome to apply.

Kolari Vision

Ambassador Program

What we offer

  • Prestige:

    — You are the best in your field, and we believe our products to be the best in ours. Proudly boast the official Kolari Ambassador title on your CV.

  • Profile Page:

    — All Kolari Ambassadors will be showcased on our Ambassador page and be awarded their own Highlight page to share their story, work, and publications.

  • Promotion:

    — In the past, we have promoted workshops on our websites. Moving forward, this will be an exclusive perk for Ambassadors only. If you are putting on a workshop, we can promote it to our large audience of photographers on our website.

  • Projects Pitching:

    — As always, we are always interested in your projects. If you have an idea you’d like to use our products for, our team will prioritize our Ambassador’s projects.

  • Paid Work:

    — Rather than outsourcing our promotional content creation to agencies or influencers, we will prioritize offering any paid opportunities to our trusted Ambassadors first.

  • Preferred Pricing:

    — If all the above wasn’t enough, we’ll sweeten the deal with an exclusive 30% discount on all Kolari branded gear.


  • Engaging Customer:

    — Nobody knows more about Kolari than the people we select as Ambassadors. As part of your profile page, people may want to tap into your expertise. We expect all Ambassadors to answer customer questions regarding their personal experience and expertise using our products. We may refer customers with specific use-case questions to you.

  • User Generated Content:

    — If you’re using our products for a particular project, please provide us with a courtesy tag on social media.

  • Brand Awareness & Social Proof:

    — If you’re a Kolari Ambassador, it’s safe to say you really love our products. We hope you’ll feel compelled to share that love with your audience in whatever way is most authentic to how you share content. This includes but is not limited to listing your Kolari Ambassador status on your socials and website and including a backlink on your website for mutual advertisement.

  • New Products:

    — Kolari is launching new products all the time, and we want your feedback. In exchange for having the first opportunity to test our new products, we expect certain deliverables. We will send out a content request for new products with desired deliverable specific to each product. If you choose to accept, we expect all requested content to be delivered in a timely manner for promotional materials. You will get to keep the product prototype for free. You are not required to accept all requests, but we recommend accepting 2-3 per year in order to maintain your Kolari Ambassador status.



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